martes, 13 de mayo de 2008

Hey guys

Hey yo sup niggas, im keith
Im from australia and my spanish sucks.
I got a big penor and my comp is full of weird crap, thats one of the reasons why im Here u know?

Anyways, jahcore and his vegetarian stuffs are gay

Look, this is some sweet fucking bacon

  • An assload of motherfuckin bacon
  • Look at that tight fucking bamboo cutting board
  • You even get to fry this shit, fuck yeah a house that smells like bacon. What else says im a dude than a house that smells like bacon?
  • Its pork belly bitches
  • No fucking gay vitamins or jahcore's nutrition argument or shit like that to get in the way of fucking delicious fat and meat
  • Bacon is the fucking candy of the meat world fuck
  • This bacon is fucking hardcore you have to slice it

Stop eatin' fruits motherfucker!!!

On topic: well, as paul says, that was random, fuck it. here we go

This fucktard reached the max level of masturbation

Fuck yeah!!!!

This is not sexy.

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