viernes, 27 de junio de 2008

ThIs'S 4 u R3TaRd!!

Hey yo wuzzap r3tards!!

U know what??

i've got some gifts 4 ya



Jah"fisitng"Core LOL

do u remembe' this??

Normal Fisting.

Two Hands!

Ur Favorite! Anal Fisting.

Just do it! LOL

No comments... LMFAO!

By herself

Is somebody thereeeee?

What about theeere! LOL


Say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!


Aaaaand 2nite!...some advices LOL

Silentduck--The beak-like silent duck used in the initial stages of fisting

Sideprayerflat--Sideways hand-position used for Double-Fisting, also called 'the bellows'

Gesture fist with thumb through fingers--The nubby fist position, which became popular in Europe in the 1990s. The thumb is inserted between the index and middle fingers after insertion of the hand.

MaineLobster--Hand-position used by some advanced fisters, colloquially known in some regions as the 'Maine Lobster'.



jueves, 26 de junio de 2008


Hail Dwarf!


little ashtray

Dwarfinator ?

No name O.O

ñami ñami

is that a paper plain ?

Obedece_a_ la_

Like horses lol

miércoles, 11 de junio de 2008

Jesus LOL part 2

Action Jesus

Ñam Ñam

He was a Man too

Woopie ? lol

Resurection lol

Easy way I think

A real mess


Conan Vs Jesus, who will win ? lol

Take care of your balls

Hi r3tards!! Don Chupa bringing a fucking advice
Dont make any harm to your balls

jueves, 5 de junio de 2008

We'll punch U in da same place til we break our hands on Ur fuckin face!!!!

Hey yo wuzzap r3taaaaaaaaards!

2day im gonna show all ya some gory shit xP

But first i wanna know what da fuck is goin' on with da rest of da psychos fucktards!

c'mon guuuys! u have to get your shit together!


well...let's get down to business...


HEY! look into my eye xD

It will most likely leave a scar LOL

I got a bloody nose LOL

She looks so fuckin' happy O_o'

a liiiiitle bruise xD

wtf dude?

Are u stickin' ur tongue out at me ??? LOL


Damn! i got some freckles on my shoulder LMFAO!

A spongy penis LOL

I love to take a's very best!!

damn doc! i lost my watch... !

wtf were u doin dude!?

nice tits ^^ LOL

Half-way LMFGDAO

Tummy ache...

He's got real guts!! LMFGO!!

Amputated shit (Chongos) to my friend Don_Chupa LOL

This shit's gonna be amputated LOL

aaaaand da neeeeeeews!!!! LOL as a bonus traaack....MR!!!!!!!! NUTS-HANGING!!! xD

That's all 4 2day r3tards...C'ya around!