jueves, 5 de junio de 2008

We'll punch U in da same place til we break our hands on Ur fuckin face!!!!

Hey yo wuzzap r3taaaaaaaaards!

2day im gonna show all ya some gory shit xP

But first i wanna know what da fuck is goin' on with da rest of da psychos fucktards!

c'mon guuuys! u have to get your shit together!


well...let's get down to business...


HEY! look into my eye xD

It will most likely leave a scar LOL

I got a bloody nose LOL

She looks so fuckin' happy O_o'

a liiiiitle bruise xD

wtf dude?

Are u stickin' ur tongue out at me ??? LOL


Damn! i got some freckles on my shoulder LMFAO!

A spongy penis LOL

I love to take a's very best!!

damn doc! i lost my watch... !

wtf were u doin dude!?

nice tits ^^ LOL

Half-way LMFGDAO

Tummy ache...

He's got real guts!! LMFGO!!

Amputated shit (Chongos) to my friend Don_Chupa LOL

This shit's gonna be amputated LOL

aaaaand da neeeeeeews!!!! LOL as a bonus traaack....MR!!!!!!!! NUTS-HANGING!!! xD

That's all 4 2day r3tards...C'ya around!

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