martes, 22 de julio de 2008

Holy Shit Cock!!!!!11!1!

Errrrrrr... uhmmmmm


Well, its me again.

i've been a little bit busy...

getting herpes O_o
getting drunk
playing eve, halo, maplestory, unreal, WoW and c&q
watching pr0n
eating bacon
doing gay stuffs and shit.

so wat?

fuck you


on topic...

Random Pics for you!!!! bunch of moFOs

hey jah...
our guildmates were talking shit about u cause u are so fucking inactive
log on dude
we miss u
we were talkin about u like 3 hours roflmao!!
u know the meanin' of that rite?

look, this is just a hint!!


here we go

Nice hair jah :D

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