lunes, 28 de julio de 2008

Moar Win-Win R4ndom Shit

yo yo nigras!!1!

well, i have been browsing shit from 4chan aka 7chan (dont go there...please, thats the most disturbing site/forum ever...there are no life faggots like jah EVERYWHERE!!)
asking for some new hot godamn shit.

by the way, if u are wondering what the godamn fuck is 7chan...

this is just a LITTLE example...

creepy huh?

well, 4 hours ago my internet connection was fucking down and... as a pro 7chan tread starter, i decided to draw some shit on MS Paint.

This is SPARTA!!!11!!!

i mean... This is my ART!!!1!1!111!

i know i know, im so fucking good

okay,this time im gonna post some reeeeeaaaaally gross shit

watch out r3tards

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