jueves, 24 de julio de 2008

More Random Shit, Asshats!

sup ppl
i cant play games and eat bacon at the same fucking time so let me show you some pics of my big, hard, tanned and shaved cock :D


im joking bitches ¬¬


wait, thats a badass fucking great as my gigantic shining balls idea!!!11!1!

have u ever drank one of these kick ass drinks?

i see... sucks to be you huh?

hot damn, im a fucking god, a fucking pimp, a fucking 1337 hax0r, a fucking i dunno wat shiet, do u know why?

cause i bought a new motherfucker mouse bitcheeeees!!!!111!!


holy godamn shit. how much do u want this badass piece of shit??
its made by fucking microsoft so you know those rich motherfucks spentabout one trillion dollars researching this fucking shit.

- check this shit out it has FOUR godamn buttons
-this bitch is fucking silver like its from outter fucking space and shit
-that wheel tilts sideways motherfuck so you can see a big ass picture of some fat chick getting railed godamn
-is that an explosion warning on the back? fuck yeah this thing is bad
-this bitch isnt optical dipshit it has a laser which is so much godamn better i guess i dont fucking know

admit it, im da shit.

here we go, moar pics

99% of the people wont get these two gaming pics, srry, they are for leet ppl, like me, not u, cause u are a failure.

u can laugh now :

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